Hey Siri, Open Microsoft Edge!

Playing around with macOS 10.12, I was trying to see if Siri would behave when I told it/her to open up Windows applications.

As it turns out, for the most part she does the right thing!

Siri, Open Edge, mmkay?
Ask and ye shall receive!

In my example, Fusion was not running at all… I tapped Siri and said ‘Open Microsoft Edge’, and lo and behold, it brought up Fusion, opened up the browser, and we are good to go.

I don’t personally use Unity that much (I like my sandboxes, thank you very much ;), but because Fusion remembers the last state of your window layout, so if you were using Unity before suspending or quitting Fusion, when Siri launches Windows apps it respects this state.

So basically what I’m saying is you can say ‘Hey Siri, Open Microsoft Edge’ and if you were in Unity, or any other mode, it would open up just like any other Mac app.



What other fun things can you make Siri do? Tell us in the comments!

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